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.NET Annotated Monthly | September 2021

Did you know? There is a reason for why the language C was named C, and it’s all about our A, B, C’s. It’s because there was a language called B and C comes after B in the alphabet! It sounds like a joke, but it’s not. Really! In addition, C did borrow a few concepts from B, so this seemed like a natural progression in naming. But B wasn’t called B because it came after A. B was an implementation of BCPL. In case you were wondering, JetBrains has no plans to create an IDE for B programming, but B-Line would be the perfect name for such a tool.

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Our Favorites

This month our favorites are about XAML and desktop development.

Do you get errors when trying to create dialogs that use async operations? Then you’re in luck, as this post may help. Rick Strahl details the challenges regarding using the WebView and Modal Dialogs in WPF Async Code and how he has fixed those issues.

A much needed UI technique is to allow a user to hide and show a paragraph or element on the screen. This is especially useful for mobile apps, where screen space is much more limited than on the desktop. So check out this excellent post by Charlin Agramonte on how to add an Expandable Paragraph Control in Xamarin Forms to your app.

If there is ever a UI that is both easy to use and nice to look at, it’s a fashion app! There is much to be learned from other industries, and fashion is certainly one that we developers can learn from, but tend to ignore. Turn your user interface into a real user experience with this post by Leomaris Reyes showing how to Replicating Fashion UI in Xamarin Forms.

Tutorials and articles

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Tweet tips

Here’s an excellent tweet thread by our own Maarten Balliauw on source generators.

Interesting and cool stuff

  • How To Address And Resolve Team Conflict When You’re All Remote – Our industry at large has been grappling with so many people working remotely. Kat Boogaard details what to do when you’re remote and a conflict occurs.
  • Shash Code – Lisa Shashkova from the JetBrains PyCharm team has started this new YouTube channel in which she presents on various programming topics. Check it out, this is good stuff!

This is an interesting discussion, proposed by Derek Comartin. How important is domain knowledge vs. technical knowledge? Why don’t more companies require a certain level of domain knowledge? What do you think? Drop your reply in the comments.

And finally, the latest from JetBrains

Here’s a chance to catch up on JetBrains news that you might have missed:



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