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.NET Annotated Monthly | August 2022

Did you know? ASP.NET was originally called ASP, which stands for Active Server Pages. It was released in December 1996 and was the pre-.NET version of this popular web framework. Read more about the history of Active Server Pages on Wikipedia.  

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We’d like to thank Louëlla Creemers for curating this month’s featured content! Lou is a web developer who specializes C# and .NET technologies. She’s also a public speaker and creates content on Twitter all about development, taking her followers with her on her journey in tech with a bit of comedy and dad jokes. You can find her at @lovelacecoding on Twitter and Hashnode, as well as Linkedin. Don’t worry, you won’t find her there writing about herself in third person.

Everyone who begins with coding asks themselves the question ‘what language should I learn?’ at some point. For soon-to-be developers this can be a difficult, overwhelming and confusing decision. This is why I wrote about how awesome learning C# is in 2022. I discuss about the syntax of C#, the .NET platform and the community surrounding it.

Everyone enjoys new experiences and personal growth; perhaps you enjoy making new friends and networking. You can expand your opportunities and network by participating in activities such as social media, open source, and attending meet-ups. I wrote an article about this and other options you could try so that you can increase your visibility as a developer.

Have you looked into.NET MAUI yet? Do you prefer to begin with video tutorials? Of course, you want the best of the best, which are videos created by the.NET MAUI development team. Gerald Versluis, a senior developer at Microsoft, has you covered with his video course in which he explains and demonstrates how the fundamentals work of the framework. He also posts .NET MAUI 101 videos about various features or options that may be useful while working on a .NET MAUI project.

Do you want to geek out about open source? Do you want to make friends? Do you maybe want to enjoy community livestreams where your portfolio, resume or twitter account can get feedback? Eddiehub is an inclusive community of developers that are all about helping each other out and promoting open source.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to the Cool Community of Content Creators, or 4C for short. It’s a Discord server with mostly people from the tech side of Twitter. Since I started on Twitter last summer, I’ve had a lot of opportunities that I never expected to come my way, and creating content is a lot of fun. If you want to try but don’t know where to begin or if you need advice, feel welcome to join us!

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.NET tutorials and tips

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Always be awesome, even in a PR. People can and do learn without pain.


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The answer: Yes. Anyways, JetBrains advocates are here all week.

Not gonna ask what happens when Maarten needs duck typing.

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Here’s a chance to catch up on JetBrains news that you might have missed:

Check out our .NET Guide! It’s a learning tool with tons of videos, tips, tricks, and info on a variety of .NET related topics.

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