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Rider 2023.2 EAP 7 Is Out!

The Early Access Program for Rider 2023.2 is in full swing! Earlier this week, EAP 6 introduced AI Assistant to Rider. This time around, we don’t have any big reveals. We’re instead focusing on minor but valuable improvements to existing workflows.

Before you download Rider 2023.2 EAP 7, let’s take a look at what it offers.

C# improvements

Improved support for #pragma warning directives

Pragma directives allow you to easily disable or restore compiler warnings by their IDs. However, while such IDs are a great way to communicate with the compiler, they might be hard for human developers to understand. Without encyclopedic knowledge, it may not be clear what an ID like CS0168 or CS0618 refers to or what requires attention. 

Starting with version 2023.2, Rider will display descriptive warnings as inlay hints after such pragma directives, unless there’s already a comment following one.

Reworked Connect to Database dialog

We’ve reworked the database connection dialog in Rider 2023.2, removing some of the non-essential options that had been confusing users and streamlining the connection workflow. One of the more exciting improvements is that Rider now scans your open solution for connection strings and suggests them inside the dialog.

Dynamic Program Analysis

During debugging, Dynamic Program Analysis in Rider 2023.2 will disable the inspections tracking excessive database command duration times while the process is paused. This will eliminate the false issues triggered by these inspections caused by the debugger pausing the program’s run.

F# to C# project references

F# analysis in Rider 2023.2 uses C# sources instead of project outputs, eliminating the need to build C# projects to see changes. Cross-language renaming now also finally works both ways, and solution-wide navigation has up-to-date symbols.

Inspection for the Norway problem in YAML files

With Rider 2023.2 EAP 7 we introduce a new inspection to eliminate the so-called Norway problem and prevent unintended misinterpretation of boolean values in YAML files. 

When a list primarily consists of strings but contains a boolean-like literal, IntelliJ IDEA will highlight this literal, indicating a potential inconsistency, and suggest adding quotes to it. If the list is mostly composed of boolean-like literals (such as true, false, off, on, yes, no), any literal that deviates from this pattern is highlighted as a possible error, although no specific quick-fixes are suggested in this scenario.

LSP support for plugin developers

Rider 2023.2 comes with support for the LSP API for plugin developers. The LSP API is mainly aimed at plugin developers who want to use a specific LSP server for coding assistance in the IDE. If you’ve made your own programming language or framework, you can get it supported in the IDE by writing an LSP server and a plugin.

Currently the LSP support includes error and warning highlighting, quick-fixes, code completion, and navigation to declarations. More features are coming soon.For more information, check out this blog post from IntelliJ IDEA

Other notable changes

The application log is now available in the Console tab when debugging a Docker container.

For the full list of updates, please refer to our issue tracker.

That’s it for now! Please share your feedback on the latest EAP builds of Rider in the comments below or on social media.

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