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Join us for JetBrains .NET Day Online ’23

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On September 26, we are holding JetBrains .NET Day Online ’23, a free annual event. We’ve invited 10 amazing community speakers who will cover topics they’re passionate about. Join us for 11 hours of insights into .NET development, lots of demo-rich sessions, and useful tips for all skill levels.


  • Recreating Wolfenstein 3D in F# by James Randall
  • How to Effectively Spy on Your Systems by Laila Bougria
  • Automating Observability With Roslyn Source Generators by Denis Ekart
  • Beyond Relational With Entity Framework by Giorgi Dalakishvili
  • Understanding Microservices: A Guide For the Monolithic Developer by Layla Porter
  • Unleashing the Power of Cross-Platform Development With Avalonia UI and JetBrains Rider by Mike James
  • Hidden Difficulties of Debugger Implementation for .NET WASM Apps by Andrii Rublov
  • High Performance JSON Serialization With Code Generation on C# 11 and .NET 7.0 by Ian Griffiths
  • The Fastest .NET Dictionary… With F# by Matthew Crews
  • xUnit Expanded – Better Testing With xUnit by Daniel Ward

You can choose whether to attend just a few sessions or watch every one of them. We’ll stream the presentations live on YouTube and Twitch, and you’ll have the chance to ask questions and elicit insights from the speakers! All sessions will be available after the event is over so you can catch up on any you missed.

While you’re waiting for the first session to begin, we invite you to check out the recordings from our previous events:

This event is supported by the .NET Foundation. Please join the discussion about the event on social media using the hashtag #JBDotNetDays.

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