Rider 2019.3 Early Access Program is Open!

Hello everyone,

Are you looking for something new to try in Rider to help you become a more productive developer? Then we have something great for you! We’ve just started the Early Access Program for Rider 2019.3!


In the first EAP build, you will find a highly requested feature in the debugger, lots of improvements in performance, initial support for MongoDB, and a timeline for GitHub Pull Requests. Sound intriguing yet? Let’s have a closer look at what we have in Rider 2019.3 EAP 1:

  • Rider 2019.3 automatically gets all the performance optimizations that we’ve added to the IntelliJ Platform during our recent Quality Marathon. To mention just a few key improvements: startup performance has improved a lot, smooth mouse scrolling is here, and we’ve eliminated all kinds of UI freezes. Read more about the performance improvements.
  • Docker-compose support has finally reached the debugger! We hope you enjoy it. In other debugger enhancements, “Pin to top” feature supports recursive evaluation, “Jump to Type Source” is now available, and the “Just my code” option for exception breakpoints works much better on Mono.


  • Rider has added some initial support for MongoDB (read more). Other than that, we’ve extended Rider’s database support to the Oracle PL/SQL debugger, and added an easy way to google connection errors.
  • We’ve added a timeline for GitHub Pull Requests so you can observe all the relevant information about a pull request such as comments, reviews, and updates. In addition, to make Rider’s VCS support even better, we’ve improved the “Compare with Current” view, reworked the Clone dialog, and made it possible to push a non-active branch. Find more details in this blog post.


In addition to these four key areas we’ve improved, many more changes are worthy of note:

  • Improved C# 8 support including notnull constraint, the target-typed switch expressions, early support for default interface methods, a new hint "Local function can be static", and a new quick-fix "Add missing arms".
  • New Type Name Hints are available for lambda’s parameters, all var occurrences including pattern matching and tuples deconstruction, range variables inside LINQ statements, and at the end of a line in a method call chain.


  • Now it’s possible to profile .NET Core applications on Linux and macOS using the embedded dotTrace plugin.
  • Web development: We’ve added support for the new syntax in TypeScript 3.7. Dart support is now available via a plugin, and there are lots of changes in Vue.js support. You can now see method return values in the debugger’s Variables view. Finally, we’ve improved memory usage when debugging with source maps.
  • Xamarin support has a couple of important fixes such as x:DataType and Class attribute support. Also, Now you can edit Android-specific project properties on the Project Properties.
  • Rider’s project model now extends any refactorings you make in your web language files, such as TypeScript files, to all your project files. For instance, “moving a TS class to a separate file” updates the corresponding .csproj file with the change. We’ve also improved the UX for the ”Not Built” project state in the Solution Explorer.
    Please note that we’ve dropped our support for .NET Core 1.* SDK as these versions have reached their End Of Support.
  • We now generate the predefined run configuration in a smarter way so that you can run it without any additional movements or adjustments. It also has an appropriate auto-generated name now, instead of the boring “Default”.
  • We’ve improved Rider’s support for project files (like .csproj files) by making code completion aware of various MSBuild things. You can also use an inspection and a quick-fix for <TargetFramework>/<TargetFrameworks> validation.


One more thing: check out the new splash screen when Rider starts up. We hope you like it :)

Interested in fixed issues more than new features? Visit this page to see all the closed requests.

If you’re ready to download and try out this build, there are a few ways you can take part in this 2019.3 EAP:

We’d love to hear your feedback! Please add your comments below.

It’s worth mentioning that Rider EAP builds are free to use but expire within 30 days of the build date.

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