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Early Access Program for Rider 2019.2 is Open!

Today we are happy to start the Rider 2019.2 EAP. The first build has these goodies inside, which you can already try out:

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Performance Profiling in Rider 2018.3. What’s New?

If you’re an active Rider 2018.3 user or just follow our blog, you probably know that Rider just got an integrated performance profiler based on JetBrains dotTrace. Though we’ve already reviewed the profiler features on the EAP stage, the release version … Continue reading

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Rider 2018.3.1 bug-fix update is here

Last week, we were in a hurry to deliver the first hotfix for Rider 2018.3 this year. And here it is! You are very welcome to download the Rider 2018.3.1 build right now. Rider 2018.3.1 comes with fixes for:

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Rider 2018.3 is released!

Excellent news, everyone! We’ve just released Rider 2018.3 with lots of features you’ve been waiting for and all kinds of improvements to make coding easier still. Let’s dive into this ocean of improvements and features:

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Rider 2018.3 Is Just Around the Corner

As the title says, the Rider 2018.3 release is on its way. Before it hits us, take this opportunity to take all the new features and improvements for a spin! The latest build, available here, includes: Code Vision Remote debugging … Continue reading

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Performance profiling .NET code in Rider with integrated dotTrace

Important! This post is about an old version of Rider. The profiling workflow is different since Rider 2018.3. Learn more Rider 2018.2 was the first release to host one of our .NET tools, dotCover, together with its unit test coverage features. … Continue reading

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