CLion 2017.3 EAP: MSVC extensions, multiple compilers on one project and more


Please welcome the new EAP build of CLion 2017.3 (173.3188.25). Download the build by the link below. No license is required for this build, and you can install it side by side with your stable CLion version. Give it a try and let us know your feedback here or in the issue tracker.

Download CLion 2017.3 EAP

MSVC extensions

With an experimental support for Microsoft Visual C++ compiler in CLion, we’ve received complaints about incorrect code highlighting and false errors in code analysis in case MSVC extensions are used. That’s why we’ve started the work in this direction and this EAP build brings some important results. CLion now supports:

  • __uuidof, __forceinline, __unaligned, and __alignof keywords
  • Pointer type attributes: __ptr32, __ptr64, __uptr, __sptr
  • MSVC built-in data types: (unsigned) __int8, (unsigned) __int16, (unsigned) __int32, (unsigned) __int64, __wchar_t
  • Additional format specifiers, like %I32 and %I64

Besides, CLion can now treat clang’s -fms-extensions flag correctly.
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Godbolting your C++ code

Matt GodboltIn this interview, Anastasia talks to Matt Godbolt, the creator of Compiler Explorer.

Twitter: @mattgodbolt

A: Hi, Matt. I first want to congratulate you on the fantastic presentation you did at CppCon in Bellevue (at the end of the interview you can find an official video recording of Matt’s keynotes session). It was inspirational and highly informative!
While you share the story of Compiler Explorer in the session, could you briefly talk about the major reasons that made you want to work on it?

M: I work in the trading industry where performance can be really important. A friend and I were considering whether we could use range-for instead of a normal for-loop, but we wanted to be sure the compiler generated good code for the new feature. I hacked together a quick script to quickly dump the compiler output and Compiler Explorer was born! Once we had the tool, it became an invaluable way to explore different ways to write the same piece of code and see what the assembly looks like. Luckily, it turns out compilers are really good these days: one usually can write the C++ code as clearly as possible, and the compiler will generate great assembly for you.
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Trip report: the JetBrains C++ team at CppCon 2017

Our C++ team just returned from the main event in the C++ world, the CppCon 2017 conference in Bellevue, Washington. While our impression of this fantastic event is still fresh, we’d like to share our thoughts and findings here with you.



CppCon covers a whole range of C++ topics each year. You can learn about the language itself, from current features to the upcoming standards, the dark corners and trickiness of C++. Many strong C++ developers come to CppCon to share their personal experience in C++ customization for Game Dev, Embedded, and other areas. Libraries are also a popular session topic, as well as tools, including package managers, IDEs, tools for static and dynamic code analysis, debugging, etc.
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CLion 2017.3 EAP: CMake 3.9 and new color scheme settings


A new CLion 2017.3 EAP (build 173.2941.5) is now available!

Download CLion 2017.3 EAP

Color scheme for C/C++

C/C++ color settings now allow to distinguish function calls and function declarations (CPP-4519). Previously you can only do that through the Editor -> Color Scheme -> Language Defaults, that are common for all languages supported by CLion. Now separate settings for C/C++ are available:

For example, you can make function declarations bold and keep function calls in regular font:

This build also bundles CMake 3.9. The full list of changes is available by the link.

Previous CLion 2017.3 EAP builds addressed:

Download CLion 2017.3 EAP

Your CLion Team
The Drive to Develop

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CLion 2017.3 EAP: Boost.Test support


Welcome our new CLion 2017.3 EAP, build 173.2696.23!

In late 2016 and early 2017 we polled over 5,000 developers to identify the State of Developer Ecosystem. This covered C and C++ development and showed many interesting results.

Among other questions we’ve asked about unit testing framework used by the respondents on a regular basis. For C language the top three unit test frameworks are: Google Test (37%), Boost.Test (8%), CppUnit (8%). For C++ – Google Test (45%), Boost.Test (26%), CppUnit (11%).


CLion already supports Google Test and Catch unit test frameworks. And now it comes with the Boost.Test support! The support includes:

  • Special Boost.Test Run/Debug configurations
  • Built-in test runner with the progress bar and a tree view of all the tests running
  • Ability to re-run failed tests, export test results, open previously saved results
  • Ability to navigate to the source code of a particular test
  • Gutter icons to Run/Debug unit tests and show the status of the tests


Besides, we’ve eliminated false warning for MSVC specific pragmas (CPP-9549).

Full release notes are available by the link.

Download CLion 2017.3 EAP

Your CLion Team
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CLion 2017.3 EAP: bug-fixes in C++ support


A new CLion 2017.3 EAP (build 173.2463.5) is now available and addresses the following issues:

  • Issues in CLion’s language engine related to array usages are fixed. This covers mostly incorrect overload resolution behaviour, which leads to false-positive warnings (CPP-7860, CPP-9491 and CPP-10231)
  • For -include option, support for values provided without a space after the option’s name is added (CPP-10351).
  • In case you are using C+17, for C++17 features that are not yet supported in CLion, a workaround is added to avoid (where possible) bogus warnings and errors in the code highlighter.

Full release notes are available by the link.

Download CLion 2017.3 EAP

Your CLion Team
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JetBrains C++ team on the move: US trip


A week from now, the CLion and ReSharper C++ teams will be visiting Bellevue, Washington, USA, for CppCon 2017, the biggest yearly event in the C++ development world!

Come and listen to the talk given by our team members, and stop by our booth in the exhibition area between Wednesday, September 27, and Thursday, September 28, for a chat or a demo of the products, and you could win a t-shirt and a license. We have some great giveaways too, so come over and grab yourself a tricky mind teaser!


Before the CppCon visit, Anastasia Kazakova, CLion Product Marketing Manager, will be in NYC and Chicago giving talks to local user groups. Both talks are also going to be included in the CppCon schedule this year. So don’t worry if you miss them the first time round you have a few chances to catch them! By the way, talking about Catch, Phil Nash (the author of the famous Catch unit testing framework, and a JetBrains developer advocate) will also be giving a talk and is eager to chat with you at our booth!
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CLion 2017.3 EAP: toolchains on welcome wizard


CLion 2017.3 EAP has recently started with many great things on board: dozens of language engine improvements, invert if refactoring, bundled GDB 8.0, gutter icons to run/debug unit tests, new toolchains configuration.

This new build (173.2290.13) comes with an ability to configure toolchains on CLion’s Welcome screen, which appears when you start the IDE for the first time and don’t have any settings to import from the previous version:


You can configure toolchains with various CMake versions, debuggers, MinGW, Cygwin or Microsoft Visual C++ environment (in case of Windows) here or change later in Settings/Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Toolchains.

Full release notes are available here.

Download CLion 2017.3 EAP

Your CLion Team
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CLion starts 2017.3 EAP

Hi everyone,

We are glad to say that the Early Access Program for CLion 2017.3 is now open. The release is scheduled for the end of this year, and there are so many things planned!


For now, please feel free to download the build and check the new features and enhancements that are already included. Your feedback is very welcome.

Download CLion 2017.3 EAP

This build (173.2099.3) addresses issues in several major areas, including C++ parser and debugger, it also provides better support for unit testing and a more flexible toolchains configuration. Let’s see what’s inside:

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CLion 2017.2.2 update is available

CLion 2017.2.2, build 172.3968.17, is now available for download. If you’re using CLion 2017.2.1, a patch-update will be available shortly.

Download CLion 2017.2.2

This update brings a few enhancements to the Clang-Tidy integration and enables paste simple when paste from history. Check the full release notes by the link.

Your CLion Team

The Drive to Develop

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