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Rider 2017.2 EAP 2: open folder, call and value tracking, and more

Rider 2017.2 EAP - build 2 - Early Access Program

Here’s a fresh Rider 2017.2 EAP build for you!

This build updates Rider’s front-end to IntelliJ platform 2017.2, with version control improvements, updates to JavaScript and TypeScript support, and a more native Windows 10 look and feel.

We’ve also worked on the project model, and as a result, Rider now lets you open individual files and folders, as well as attach folders to solutions. We made improvements when generating and inspecting code, added the highly requested call and value tracking from ReSharper, streamlined the way you change C# language level in your projects, enabled auto-starting and debugging the browser when running web applications, improved F# and Unity support, added (initial) support for lambda expressions in debugger watches, and fixed a number of bugs.

We’ll post more about the highlights of this new EAP build next week; meanwhile, please download Rider 2017.2 EAP and give the new build a try!

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