Rider 2018.3 is released!

Excellent news, everyone! We’ve just released Rider 2018.3 with lots of features you’ve been waiting for and all kinds of improvements to make coding easier still.

Rider 2018.3 is released

Let’s dive into this ocean of improvements and features:

  • Code Vision: try this new way of seeing useful information about your code right in the code editor. Usages, version control info, derived types, extension methods, and exposing APIs are now in plain sight, with no additional actions required!


  • Remote Debugging via SSH: need to debug an application on a remote machine? No problem, just call the action “Attach to Remote Process…” to attach to the process. .NET Full/Core, and Mono debuggers are supported.
  • Rename Project refactoring: no more manual renaming of all usages of a project. Call up this refactoring and you’ll be done before you know it.
  • Assembly Explorer now allows opening multiple assemblies, as well as traversing and exploring all open assemblies.


  • Zero-latency typing: even for smart typing assists that perform time-consuming tasks like reformatting code, Rider’s UI doesn’t get blocked and the editor stays smooth and responsive.
  • Launch Settings: support for launchSettings.json files is now available in ASP.NET Core projects.
  • We’ve redesigned the Search Everywhere popup and the Plugins pages in Settings.
  • Updated C# and VB.NET support includes improved C# 7 deconstruction support and language support for VB.NET 15.3 and 15.5.
  • An integrated performance profiler. Note that for now, the profiling features are only available on Windows.


  • Type Hierarchy tool window: explore the inheritance hierarchy of types via Navigate | Type Hierarchy.
  • Web development: from improved Angular support and better auto imports in JavaScript to debugging Node.js worker threads and support for TypeScript 3.1 features, and more.
  • VCS support: manage GitHub Pull Requests right in the IDE, and work with Git Submodules.
  • Android Development: lots of embedded tools and features from Android Studio are available, including a WYSIWYG designer, code completion for AXML/Android Manifest files, SDK/AVD Manager, and more.
  • Inline parameter name hints for C# and VB.NET are here.
  • Updated NuGet support offers Find this type on, a new quick-fix to Install missing .NET Core Adapter, and better and faster search in the NuGet window.
  • New language injections: SQL and other IntelliJ IDEA language injections now cover C# string literals.


  • Updated F# support; brand new F# lexers work for both IntelliJ IDEA’s frontend and ReSharper’s backend; Rename refactoring works for local symbols; and there are new grouping types in Find Usages.
  • Updated Database support delivers one more NoSQL database, Cassandra, and several improvements in SQL code completion.
  • Unity support updated: New inspections keep a tight watch on the performance of your Unity code; collect method and class usages from scene/prefab/asset files; Unity Explorer is now shown on Linux; and more!
  • Other features: there’s a brand new engine under the hood of the expression evaluator; Ctrl+Click on an entity declaration now shows the usages; the refactorings Move to Resource, Inline Resource, Move Resource, and Rename Resource are now available; you can now ‘Build only this project without dependencies‘; and, as we love saying, there’s even more!

Visit What’s new in Rider 2018.3 on the product website to find more details about these enhancements. To see the whole list of fixes in this release, check out the issue tracker page.

Download Rider

We’d love to hear your feedback on your experience with Rider 2018.3. Speak your mind we’re listening!

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