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.NET Annotated | May 2021

Did you know? C# has a goto statement. It’s true. But before you run out there to try this in your code, this is a great time to paraphrase the words of the honorable scientist Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park: “Your developers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should”. Definitely stop and think if you “should” before using goto.

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On .NET Show logoThe On .NET Show is hosted by various developer advocates at Microsoft. The show features lots of great material on new and upcoming .NET technologies. Here are a few recent, excellent episodes to watch. Below is a sampling of some super-knowledgeable guests and their topics:

WinUI 3.0 book cover Who doesn’t love books?! Check out Learn WinUI 3.0 by Alvin Ashcraft. The Windows UI Library (WinUI) is a native UX framework for building Windows desktop and UWP applications with .NET. Learn WinUI 3.0 is a comprehensive introduction to WinUI and Windows apps for anyone who is new to WinUI, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and XAML applications. And Alvin is giving away some books as prizes, so don’t miss your chance to win a copy of Learn WinUI 3.0!

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  • DAIMTO Developer Tips – Check out Linda Lawton’s YouTube channel for the latest in programming Google APIs, particularly the ones where she uses .NET to access them. There’s a lot of great content in here.
  • Why Learn Kotlin? – Ksenia Shneyveys wrote a nice post about the virtues of Kotlin. I encourage .NET developers to learn other languages at least at an intermediate level, and those languages should be the ones outside of .NET. Doing this builds your skills as a .NET developer as you learn practices and language constructs that are helpful for .NET.
  • Design Mistakes You’re Making with Your Mobile Forms (and How to Fix Them) – Designing excellent UXs and UIs is important, as it directly affects users and usability. A good or bad UX can lead to the success or failure of a product. Good news for us, Suzanne Scacca is here guide you in the right direction when building or modifying ever-important UXs.
  • Understanding JavaScript’s Array Reduce – Learning patterns and techniques from languages outside of .NET is a great way to gain insights about .NET languages. So check out this post by Marina Mosti revealing how JavaScript’s Array.reduce works.
  • How to monitor your web application availability – Iryne Somera demonstrates a straightforward way to do a chore we have to do but don’t like to: monitoring apps. Hopefully, this post makes that easier.
  • How we ship code faster and safer with feature flags – This is a great resource. If you’re not using feature flags, check out what they are and how this technique can get your code out to customers faster. Post by Alberto Gimeno.
  • The Right Way to Adopt New Technology – Is there a right way? Karl Hughes makes the argument that there is, and proceeds to let us know what it is. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.
  • Working With TypeScript: A Practical Guide for Developers – It’s common for .NET developers to simply apply .NET techniques and expect .NET functionality in TypeScript when they start using it. But TypeScript isn’t .NET. It’s a superset of JavaScript. So this guide by Vincenzo Chianese shows great practical ways to avoid those traps.
  • Create a Windows 10 development virtual machine – For those of you who aren’t already out to sea on a Docker container ship – Thomas Maurer reminds us that VMs are useful and how to create them.

Tweet tips

Thanks for this tweet, Danny. This can’t be said enough. Without empathy, there is no way engineers can truly connect with the people who use their products. When you can’t feel the same way as your users, you can’t make great software that works well for those same human users.

Interesting and cool stuff

  • Writing a better Tech Resume / CV – Have you ever looked for a job? Do you think you will again or know someone who will? Then read and share this excellent and necessary article by Rebecca Franks on writing a better tech resume.
  • Tips For Leaders On Running Successful One-On-One Meetings – Few managers are ever trained to be a manager. Sure, a rare handful may take a course in leadership or similar. So they all need a little help. But so do the underlings! After all, 1:1 means there are 2 (two) people in the meeting! That’s why Kat Boogaard’s blog post on successful 1:1’s is something everyone should read.
  • How to measure the energy consumption of your apps – For those who are environmentally conscious or just want to save on their power bills. Sara Bergman shows how to measure the energy consumption of your apps.

And onto fun tweets…

We’ve all been there, Jen. We feel you. Yeah, we feel you.

I suggested this to the Rider team leads. We’ll see how it goes in the first episode of Rider | Season 1 (S01E00).

And finally, the latest from JetBrains

Here’s a chance to catch up on JetBrains news that you might have missed:

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