2017 In Review: Task & Project Management Trends

We hope that your 2017 was successful, productive and full of bright and memorable moments for you and your team. We wish you all the best for the holidays and hope you have a great start to the new year.

Project Management Trends 2017
The end of the year is just the right time to take a retrospective review. What are the main usage trends in YouTrack? Which projects and boards are the most popular? Which reports do you use more often? We’ve collected the most interesting trends in YouTrack usage through 2017 and are excited to share them with you*.

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Baking Boards: Tweak the Recipe for Agile Development Webinar Recording and Q&A Session

Thanks to everyone who joined our live webinar, Baking Boards: Tweak the Recipe for Agile Development! The recording of the webinar is now available on JetBrainsTV.
In this webinar, we show you how we at JetBrains “bake” agile boards in YouTrack for different teams like Product Development, Marketing, Design, and Technical Writing.
If you missed the webinar for any reason, you are welcome to watch it now!

00:00 — Introduction
06:09 — YouTrack Team
19:55 — Documentation Team
27:27 — IntelliJ IDEA PMM
34:59 — Design Team
43:10 — AppCode and CLion Development Teams
49:10 – Secret Ingredient

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Make It Workflow — Part 5: Propagating Values Between Issues

Over the last month, we have investigated various aspects of the issue lifecycle. We described how to set up granular read and write access for existing issues, how to streamline issue creation, and even how to generate issues automatically. If you missed any of our previous installments, you can find all of these articles by filtering for posts with the tag “makeitworkflow“.

The last thing we want to cover in this part of our Make It Workflow series is how to automate issue updates. As always, the purpose of this automation is to make YouTrack do the dirty work for you.


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Make It Workflow — Part 4: Generating New Issues

Last week, we shared a few tips for streamlining issue reporting. The goal was to improve the simplicity and accuracy of issue creation for your team and for your customers.

In this article, we take it one step further. Imagine what happens when you need to create a standard set of issues on a regular basis. Who has the time or patience to spam the Create Issue button and set values for each field in every issue? If your answer is “not me”, read on to learn how to generate issues in YouTrack automatically.


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Make It Workflow — Part 3: Streamlining Issue Reporting

In previous installments, we discussed how to restrict issue visibility and prevent unwanted updates. We still haven’t covered what is possibly the most important aspect of the issue life cycle — its birth. In this article, we describe how you, your team, and your customers can create issues that contain the most accurate and detailed information from day one.


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Writing YouTrack Workflows in Your IDE

When we first introduced YouTrack workflows in JavaScript, we also released a built-in editor for writing workflow rules and scripts. While many users enjoy the convenience of writing workflows directly in YouTrack, it does have its limitations.


If you would rather write code in your favorite IDE, you can turn that frown upside-down right now. We’ve tapped into the power of the npm registry service* to let you manage workflows just as you would any other codebase. With the utilities that we have published to this service, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Write workflows without leaving your development environment. Enjoy full-featured code completion and keyboard support.
  • Edit and refine multiple scripts simultaneously.
  • Make iterative offline improvements and deploy updates only when your code is tried and tested.

In this article, we show you how to work with the package manager and update workflows using your own software development tools. With each step, we provide an increasing level of functionality and complexity. This lets you build up your toolkit bit by bit and extend the capabilities of your platform at your own pace.

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Make It Workflow — Part 2: Preventing Unwanted Updates

The previous article in our Make it Workflow series showed you how to set up complex visibility restrictions for issues. We limited the ability to read issues to specific groups of people and restricted read access for different sets of users for issues in a single project.


In this post, we describe how to block unwanted changes to fields in an issue. We’ll continue to support the business case that we described in the previous article. We’re working with an accounting department whose members process payment requests. These users belong to a group of Executors. Payment requests are submitted by other members of the organization as issues in YouTrack. These users are our Requesters group.

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YouTrack 2017.4 Released

Please welcome YouTrack 2017.4!


YouTrack 2017.4 introduces Japanese, estimation report type, date and time custom fields, and other improvements.

New Features

  • Japanese localization
  • Estimation Report
  • Sort by Relevance in Search Results
  • Date and Time Custom Fields
  • npm Package Support for Workflows in JavaScript


  • Text Indexing for Issue Fields
  • Extended Text Index Support
  • Import from Jira Option for New Projects
  • Redefined Project Teams
  • Shared Mailbox Support for Microsoft Exchange
  • Muted Notifications

Experimental features

  • Markdown Support

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Make It Workflow — Part 1: Restricting Issue Visibility

With this article, we begin a series of blog posts that demonstrate how to support specific processes in YouTrack with the help of workflows. This post is devoted to visibility restrictions. Specifically, we’ll show you how to restrict visibility so that each issue can be read by a very limited set of people and manage visibility independently for each issue in a project.


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5 Tips for Tracking Issues in YouTrack

Issue trackers are designed to help you manage issues faster and make your work more productive. But sometimes, you spend more time looking for important issues than actually working on them.
Today I will tell you about the most productive ways to track your issues in YouTrack.

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