Case Study: YouTrack, Warhorse, and the Deliverance of gamedev agile processes

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As you know, YouTrack is used by development teams across lots of different kinds of industries: software, retail, marketing, and game development, among others. The process of using an issue tracker in these industries is pretty similar, although everybody has their own idea of how to use it best. Today I am happy to share the experience of using YouTrack by Warhorse Studios, a Czech game development studio famous for its game – Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


There are more than 100 people currently working in the company. We were lucky enough to have a little Q&A session with Martin Klima, Warhorse studios’ Executive Producer.

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YouTrack 2018.2 is Released!

Please welcome YouTrack 2018.2!


YouTrack 2018.2 introduces a new Projects page, YouTrack Docker Image, a redesigned Issue Creation page as an experimental feature, and other improvements.

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New Data Center in Asia-Pacific Region for YouTrack InCloud

We have opened a new data center in Singapore for YouTrack InCloud customers.


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Discontinued Support for Slack Integrations over XMPP

If you’ve been working with our Slack integration that uses XMPP, we’re sorry to inform you that its days are numbered. Slack has already started to phase out support for connections through XMPP gateways.

  • In early April, they removed these connections from workspaces where they were no longer in use.
  • On May 15, Slack is closing these gateways for all remaining workspaces. As a result, integrations between YouTrack and Slack that use the XMPP protocol will stop working.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t integrate YouTrack and Slack anymore. We have another type of integration that you can use to post notifications to your workspaces in Slack. This integration uses the YouTrack Workflow API, which means that you have the power to customize its behavior and can configure the integration on a per-project basis. To learn how to set up and use this integration, please refer to the YouTrack documentation.

Unfortunately, the workflow-based integration doesn’t support the Jabber Bot. With this feature, you were able to apply commands to issues by chatting with the Jabber Bot account. We’re currently developing an app for Slack that supports commands plus a whole lot more. For updates regarding its availability, watch this space!

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Introducing Per Usage Pricing Model for YouTrack InCloud

Coming into effect Autumn 2018, we are moving to a new per-usage pricing model for YouTrack InCloud, which also introduces a free plan with private projects. You will pay only for the user accounts you have each month. The new pricing model also introduces a new free plan which now includes private projects.
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Make It Workflow — Part 9: Broadcasting Bulletins

In previous posts, we have described improvements for popular use cases that you would expect to be supported in an issue tracker. In addition to standard features like time tracking and helpdesk automation, YouTrack is capable of supporting really unusual scenarios with workflows. In this post, we look at how to use YouTrack as a platform for sending email newsletters.


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Make It Workflow — Part 8: Helping the Helpdesk

Many organizations use an issue tracker to support their helpdesk. YouTrack provides tools that let you communicate with your customers by email without creating accounts for every user. In this post, we describe how workflows help you further improve helpdesk support.


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Custom Widgets in YouTrack

YouTrack lets you track activities in different projects and get an overview of the current status of your own tasks on a dashboard. There is a standard set of widgets in YouTrack that you can use at any time. But sometimes you want to view the data in a different layout or track information from other applications. That is why we added functionality that lets you create custom widgets and add them to your dashboards. With this feature, you can extend the functionality of your dashboards to grab content from external sources or present issue data in a unique format.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 16.33.54

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Security Issues Resolved in YouTrack in 2017

Last year we resolved a series of security issues in YouTrack and Hub that were not included as part of the release notes. Starting this year, we are planning to share quarterly reports about which security issues were fixed in YouTrack.

Below is a summary of some of the more important security issues resolved, including the description and the version that was affected and in which they were resolved.

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Make It Workflow — Part 7: Generating Time Reports

In our previous post, we took a look at the Time Tracking feature and showed you how to use workflows to make sure that your colleagues add work items properly (that is, avoid cheating). In this post, we describe how you can use workflows to report and analyze time tracking data.


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