Case Study: YouTrack at Rostelecom-Integracija

This guest blog post is brought to you by a company called Rostelecom-Integracija

Rostelecom-Integracija a company that develops and implements software solutions for Rostelecom, the biggest national telecommunications company in Russia, with a presence in every segment of the telecommunications services market and coverage of millions households in Russia.  Rostelecom-Integracija is developing solutions in different areas of telecom company automation, including CRM solutions, billing systems, reporting solutions and business process automation.

What do you do from a business perspective? What products are you offering?

The primary business focus of the company is the development of CRM solutions. We are implementing solution for sales process support and technical support automation based on the Amdocs CRM platform.

Please describe your development process.

We follow a fairly standard Scrum process. We use two-week sprints as development cycles. A group of Business Analysts creates user stories, based on the requirements from system analysts and stakeholders. While planning, our development team discusses these user stories and splits them into tasks. The team works on the tasks during a sprint. By the end of each sprint we give a demo of implemented user stories to the stakeholders, who make comments and add more ideas and requirements to the implemented functionality. This feedback is transformed into new user stories and added to the product backlog.

What obstacles or opportunities do you typically encounter?

Our CRM department consists of three separate agile teams. So we needed a tool that supports:

  • The agile development process, i.e. it
    • Allows several teams working on and maintaining the same backlog
    • Lets each team (system analysis team, business analysis team and the development team) has their own task board
    • Provides one backlog that is maintained by business analysis and system analysis team
  • Supports bug and issue tracking
  • Allows for custom attributes for different issue types
  • Supports various workflows for different types of issues: user stories, analysis tasks, development tasks and QA tasks
  • Combines convenience and ease of use, to minimize problems while working and managing backlog by several teams
  • Has a powerful search engine and supports custom searches in order to ensure comfortable work for different types of users (more and less technical)

What is your issue tracker experience prior to using YouTrack?

Before implementing YouTrack our teams and developers worked with different trackers:

  • Atlassian Jira with Jira Agile
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server

Functionality related to the task searches and Scrum boards exists in Atlassian Jira and it is considered by our team to be a good starting point.

How was your YouTrack evaluation performed?

We evaluated YouTrack in the following phases:

  1. Before using the product, we’ve done the following preparation:
  • Prepared a list of ticket types that should be supported in our development process
  • Described existing workflows
  • Prepared the requirements for the task boards, based on our teams’ business processes
  • Defined custom attributes for the ticket types

2. Installed YouTrack and made initial configuration based on the previous step.

3.  Started using YouTrack in production to verify that it suits our needs.

Why did you choose YouTrack?

The most important factors to choose YouTrack as our issue tracking and agile project management solution were:

  • Getting more benefits for a reasonable cost
  • Having a tool that is easy to set up and configure
  • Having a tool that is easy to use in everyday activities

We are happy that, in addition, YouTrack provides:

1. Powerful reporting capabilities that allow team leads to create reports for the team key performance indicators and lets us get brief information about team progress. It’s also nice that reports can be added to a personal Dashboard, that can be customized for everyday activities and special needs. Good documentation helped us to define which type of report better suits a particular case.

2. The ability to set up several Scrum boards for different teams, letting us switch between these boards quickly and conveniently. It gives us good visual feedback on different teams’ status at a glance.

3. The ability to work with tasks and the backlog using keyboard shortcuts. It is very convenient for developers, and makes daily activities less time consuming.

4. A Good Workflow Editor, which is a separate application used to create workflows that automate task state changes using a scripting language.

Describe your experience with YouTrack

During YouTrack evaluation, many team members noticed that the tool is convenient and easy-to-use, especially the search query assistance and keywords completion.

What are the results of using YouTrack, and what are your next steps?

Right now, it seems that we cannot do without YouTrack. With YouTrack, we were able to align development process of several development teams working in parallel. Our plan for the future is to integrate it with TeamCity.

Do you have any recommendations, tips, advice for other companies that are looking for an issue tracking and project management solution?

First, spend some time on defining which processes you are following right now and find possible ways to simplify your development process. Next, document your existing process before making an initial setup of YouTrack. Then, try to test the solution in parallel to any other tools that you are already using or trying to use. Finally, decide which tool better suits your needs, and choose the right one. For us the right one was YouTrack.

We thank Rostelecom-Integracija for agreeing to take part in this Q&A and wish them the best in the future.

If you’re using YouTrack, you’re happy with it, and would like to share your experience with the world,  please let us know by posting a comment here or by contacting us

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YouTrack 6.5 Build 16713 is Out

We’re glad to let you know that a fresh YouTrack 6.5 (build 16713) is available. This minor update fixes the problem with connecting YouTrack to an external Hub.

Please check the list of the Release Notes for more details. Download the latest YouTrack version today and connect your favorite issue tracker with Hub easily.


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YouTrack 6.5 (build 16655) with GitLab EE and GitLab CE Integration Is Out

Happy Friday to everyone and please welcome a brand new YouTrack 6.5 (build 16655) with GitLab Enterprise Edition and GitLab Community Edition integration. This minor release also brings a number of important bug fixes and new features, introduced in the 6.5 version enhancements.

Please check the full list of Release notes for more juicy details.  Download YouTrack 6.5 (build 16655) today and keep tracking with pleasure, as always.

If you’re using YouTrack InCloud, we’re planning to upgrade the next part of our servers to the latest 6.5 version on Monday, Sept 14, according to our Maintenance calendar.

Please stay tuned!

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YouTrack InCloud Upgrade Issue Post-Mortem

Last Monday, August 24, we upgraded the first part of our InCloud servers to YouTrack 6.5. On Tuesday, August 26, our clients started to report some problems connected with the upgrade.

The problems included:

1. YouTrack failed to start

2. YouTrack failed to renew the license

3. Integration with Hub was broken which led to issues with user management.

What Happened?

As you already know, starting from version 6.0 YouTrack ships with Hub. For YouTrack InCloud, this means we have a set of YouTrack instances running on one server and a set of corresponding Hub instances running on another server.

For the version 6.5 upgrade we applied a different clustering algorithm to our servers. When we upgraded several YouTrack servers to 6.5 and the corresponding Hub servers to 1.0, it appeared that some Hub 1.0 instances on the upgraded servers were connected with YouTrack instances that weren’t yet upgraded. YouTrack 6.0 could not correctly work with Hub 1.0, plus there was an issue with renewing YouTrack licenses in Hub 1.0.


1. We have upgraded all the impacted YouTrack servers to the version 6.5. As we started this upgrade from the US servers, we’ve had to move almost all the US InCloud customers to 6.5.

2. We have fixed the issue with automatic license renewal. However, if your license has expired and you haven’t renewed it in time, your YouTrack instance might be completely unavailable until you renew your subscription.

3. We have manually fixed the problems with Hub and YouTrack desynchronization for those who have contacted us. If you detect any issue with user and permission management on your instance after the upgrade, please contact our support team.

Measures to prevent in future

YouTrack and the corresponding Hub instances are now tightly connected. The next time we will upgrade them in pairs only. The license renewal mechanism has now been doubly tested from both YouTrack and Hub sides.

Please accept our deepest apologies for any inconvenience experienced due to these upgrade issues. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you still have any problems.

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YouTrack InCloud Instances Issue

As of Yesterday, 25th August 2015, we have reports of certain customers having issues accessing their InCloud instances, as well as managing Groups, Users and Projects. We’ve pinpointed the problem down to a configuration issue and are working on solving it. Currently only US Customers are affected by this.

We will provide you with updates as soon as possible.

Please accept our apologies for the inconveniences caused.

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How to Import Your Jira Projects into YouTrack 6.5 in One Click

Whew, writing an entire post about OneClick is going to be a challenge!

In your admin menu, choosing ‘Import from JIRA’ opens a straightforward form.

blankFill in the connection details, and YouTrack will discover what permissions you have in each of the JIRA projects.


Give me power

In case you don’t have certain permissions in your JIRA, you will experience the following kinds of frustration (since some of your data may not be imported):

  • Without a Jira System Administrator, Jira Administrator or Administer projects role, no JIRA group members and no role actors will be imported. Important: if a comment in Jira is only visible to some role, the YouTrack group created during import to represent this role will be empty, thus the comment will not be visible unless you add members to the group.
  • Without permissions to view voters and watchers, no votes or watches will be found.
  • Without a permission to manage watchers, this will be your last chance to get the watches imported even if you don’t have the previous permission.

At this point you should decide if you need to beg your Jira administrator to grant you more permissions or if it’s time to OneClick.

Almost ready

If you or your manager have not yet decided to completely migrate to YouTrack (but what are the chances of that anyway?), ‘Continuous Import’ is an option for you. When checked, it triggers an import every 10 minutes to poll any changes made in your Jira. You can switch this option on/off at any time.

So, finally, OneСlick it!

ready-to-import 2

Ta-da! Like I said, it’s very simple and utterly harmless.

complete1 2

Further development

For those who prefer to get their hands dirty, we will allow low-level control of the import process in YouTrack 7.0. You will be able to control every single operation of the import process.

We also plan to implement two-side data synchronization to keep the competition honest.

Brought to you by OneClick. Hope you enjoyed it.

And now when you know all the insights about our brand new Jira import, it’s time to Get YouTrack 6.5 and see it in action!

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Get the Latest Update for YouTrack 6.5 (Build 16433)

Happy Friday to Everyone and please welcome the latest bug fix for YouTrack 6.5 (build 16433)!

This update contains various functional and usability fixes for the brand new Administration UI, fixes in VCS integration and Jira import. You are welcome to check the Release Notes for more details.

Get the latest build today to keep tracking with even more pleasure!


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Fresh Bug Fix for YouTrack 6.5 (build 16392) Is Here

Please welcome a fresh bug fix for YouTrack 6.5 (build 16392). This update brings important fixes for the upgrading process, correct linking Hub and YouTrack projects, fixes for Jira import bugs and more. Please check the full list of Release Notes for more details.

Download the latest YouTrack 6.5 (build 16392) today and upgrade to the latest version!

Keep tracking with pleasure!

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Important Bug Fix for YouTrack 6.5 Is Available

Please welcome the first bug fix for YouTrack 6.5 (build 16367)!

Why is this bug fix important?

Right after the release we detected a serious problem in build 16333, which affected upgrading from YouTrack 6.0.x to YouTrack 6.5 using .MSI and .ZIP installers. Unfortunately, we had to remove those installers from our website in order to prevent possible issues during the upgrade process. If you were fast enough to get the .MSI or .ZIP with build 16333, don’t upgrade from YouTrack 6.0.x, please use the latest build.

We’ve successfully fixed the problem in all the installers. So, you’re welcome to  download YouTrack 6.5 (build 16367) and enjoy a smooth upgrade and all the goodies of the latest version! Check the full list of Release Notes for more details.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Our support team is here to help you, so feel free to contact us.

Keep tracking with pleasure!


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YouTrack 6.5: Designed for Development Teams Like Yours

We are happy to announce that YouTrack 6.5 is released!


In YouTrack 6.5, we’ve focused on improving your user experience and bringing your development team’s issue tracking to the next level. We’ve also introduced a number of useful integrations and one-click Jira migration.

Key new features in YouTrack 6.5:

  • Integration with JetBrains teamware
  • Integration with BitBucket and GitLab
  • One-click Jira import
  • Redesigned Administration UI
  • Project Wizard


  • GitHub integration
  • VCS changes tab
  • Support TeamCity feature branches
  • Dashboard
  • Workflow
  • Mailbox integration
  • Bug-fix versions included in the license
  • Mention @username notifications

Excited? Get YouTrack 6.5 today—register a new InCloud site or download a stand-alone version—and start enjoying all the goodies. Or, continue with this blog to dig into more detail.

The fastest way to see what’s new in YouTrack 6.5 is to watch this short video by Dmitry Nesteruk:

Now let’s take the long tour of the new version’s goodies!

Integration with JetBrains Teamware

Please welcome Hub—our brand new user management tool designed to serve as your single entry point for all JetBrains team tools, including YouTrack, TeamCity, and Upsource. Hub made its first appearance as part of YouTrack 6, so you may already be familiar with it.


The brand new Hub website has more details for you.

Bitbucket and GitLab Integration

Now you can enable native Bitbucket or GitLab integration to be able to:

  • Apply any YouTrack command from a commit comment to the mentioned issue. All changes will be made with the committer’s account.
  • Use commit hashes in YouTrack issues to provide direct links to Bitbucket/GitLab commits.

  • View VCS changes on a specific VCS Changes tab

  • Filter the issues that contain VCS changes with the search query has:{vcs changes}.



Update: Integration with GitLab CE и GitLab EE is available in YouTrack 6.5 (build 16655). Get more details in this post.

One-click Jira Import

Migrating from Jira to YouTrack has never been this easy! Import your Jira projects with all their histories, watchers lists, voters, custom fields, reporters, assignees, comments, attachments, and even work items.

Simply provide YouTrack with the link to your Jira, your login and your password, and that’s it! YouTrack will create a group for your Jira assignees, and users for your Jira reporters. Please note that this import supports Jira 5+.

Redesigned Administration UI

We’ve completely redesigned the Administration parts of YouTrack. Hopefully the new look & feel will enhance your experience with configuring and administrating YouTrack projects. Included are new and improved ways to customize fields and workflows, tweak integrations, and more.

Here is the VCS Integrations page:



Project Wizard

Creating a project is now as simple as completing just three fields and adding your team members. A project ‘Team’ user group is automatically created, with all its users having the Developer role, and set as project Assignees.

 Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 13.29.57








Please welcome the brand new Project List. A project filter with query assistance is also included. Editing your project is now faster, too: add a team member or group to the project Team in one click.

Project List


GitHub Integration

GitHub changes are also now reflected on the VCS changes tab. In addition, you can now integrate one Github repository with multiple YouTrack projects.

VCS Changes Tab

Changes from all version control systems will now be added to a dedicated tab called VCS Changes. You can also filter the list of issues that have VCS changes with the search query has:{vcs changes}.


Now you can resize your widgets, edit and drag them smoothly, and open a widget in full screen by double-clicking its header. Better query assistance, saved searches and tag filters are also available.




YouTrack 6.5 enhances custom workflows so you can now:

  • Send notification on comment update
  • Use more detailed workflow language reference
  • Run scheduled rules and time events under a dedicated YouTrack Workflow user

Mailbox integration

Using YouTrack as a help desk? We have some sweet goodies for you in YouTrack 6.5:

  • ${reply-to} variable
  • All user’s emails will be now associated with one user profile
  • Square brackets contents in an email title can be discarded
  • “Disable Mailbox rule” option

TeamCity Integration

In YouTrack 6.5 you can finally work with TeamCity feature branches.

Bug-fix Versions for YouTrack Stand-alone

Starting from v6.5, all bug-fix versions like 6.5.x are included in the license. If you have an active upgrade subscription that allows you to upgrade to YouTrack 6.5, you’ll get all 6.5.x updates automatically, even if your subscription expires by the time a bug-fix version is released.

Mention @username Notifications

Mention @username notification is now a first-class citizen. It can be configured from your user profile and is no longer a part of any specific workflow.

Are you ready for the brand new YouTrack now? Get YouTrack 6.5 now and enjoy it!

If you’re using our cloud-based version, your site will be upgraded to the latest version automatically, according to our Maintenance Calendar. We’re planning to upgrade our servers in stages, over a period of 6-8 weeks. If you would like to upgrade faster, please contact our support team.

Keep tracking with pleasure!

JetBrains YouTrack Team



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