Meet the YouTrack Team at the Agile Alliance Technical Conference 2016

YouTrack team is going to Raleigh, NC, US this week. We are attending and sponsoring the first Agile Alliance Technical Conference (AATC2016).  So, let’s meet at the AATC2016 on April 7-8 2016! We are focused on our Team tools: TeamCity, Upsource, YouTrack and Hub this time, as we believe that agile is about bringing value to development teams, and all our team tools follow agile principles and make teams more productive.



Stop by the JetBrains booth, if you are around. We’ve prepared live product demos, team tools sticker quiz, IDE license drawing, good coffee with the JetBrains special chocolate, and good company just to chat!



Keep the Drive to Develop,

The JetBrains Team

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Privacy Policy and Safe Harbor and how they impact YouTrack InCloud Customers

Recently we have updated our Privacy Policy. Please read the updated full version. Just to remind, Privacy Policy describes which data we collect from our customers, how we store it and use it. It mostly refers to our InCloud customers, since we host and store their databases in our cloud. So, please read carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Changes in Data Transfer Rules between EU and the US

The EU Court of Justice recently passed a ruling that affects the Safe Harbor agreement between the EU and the US, which is used as a means to transfer data between the EU and US while safely complying with data protection laws.

Although the final outcome of this is yet to be determined, at JetBrains we have taken some additional measures by allowing you to decide where you want your data to be hosted as a YouTrack InCloud customer. To this effect,

  1. We have added information about your current Data Center location to the General Settings. It will be either EU or US, according to your Geo Location when having created your instance.
  2. If you would like to change the location, please contact our technical support and we will move your instance.
  3. For new instances, and independently of Geo Locations, we have added an option to choose Data Center location (EU or US) when signing up.

Keep the Drive to Develop,

The JetBrains Team

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Fresh YouTrack 6.5.17057 Is Available

Welcome an updated YouTrack 6.5.17057!  This minor release brings a set of useful bug fixes, including project wizard and icons in Chrome issues. Check the full list of the Release Notes for more details.

Download YouTrack 6.5.17057 now and upgrade the latest version today.

YouTrack InCloud instances will be upgraded to the latest build on Monday, March 21, 2015, according to our Maintenance Calendar.

Keep the Drive to Develop!

The JetBrains Team

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Integrate YouTrack with TMetric Time Management

TMetric is a free time tracking web-application. It allows you to track time you and your team spend on various activities in different systems. YouTrack can be one of these tools. To enable an integration, you need to install a browser extension only.

How is it different from time tracking in YouTrack? 

Time tracking in YouTrack allows you to track time spent working on YouTrack issues  and create time report based on added work items.  If you want to track time in multiple tools, TMetric is a good helper.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. You click Start timer link that appears next to the issue summary when you start working on the issues,  and TMetric starts tracking time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 15.20.39

When you’re done, or want to stop the timer for any reason, just click Stop timer.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 15.46.02

How do I get my results?

When you log in to TMetric application, you get your spent time summary, for example, for Today. You can navigate directly to any YouTrack issue, start or stop an issue. You can also add time manually.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 17.37.08

Some tips of using the integration

  1. When you start the timer in another issue, the timer stops for the previous issue. That’s OK, human multitasking is a myth.
  2. If you stop or start the timer in TMetric, the status of the timer is updated in YouTrack.
  3. To open the issue in YouTrack, click the ID next to the issue in the list. If time tracking is enabled in your YouTrack project, use these links to switch from TMetric and add your time spent as a work item in YouTrack.

How to setup the integration between YouTrack and TMetric

  1. Install the TMetric browser extension for Chrome or Firefox:

2. Click the TMetric icon next to the address bar in your browser.

3. Log in to your TMetric account or register for a new account with TMetric.

Here you go,  the extension is enabled and available for use in YouTrack.

For more details, please check the our documentation.

Please note, that integration has been developed by the TMetric (Devart) team. It has been verified by the YouTrack team. However, if you have any questions, please address them to Devart support team.

Keep the Drive to Develop!

The JetBrains Team

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Integrate YouTrack with PractiTest

Good Monday everyone! We have a good news to share today. Recently, we’ve been contacted by PractiTest (Test Management Tool) team. Thanks to them, you can now integrate YouTrack for tracking bugs with PractiTest for running and tracking tests. Sounds great, isn’t it?

How does the integration work?

When you connect your YouTrack instance with PractiTest, following these simple steps, you’ll get the following benefits:

When you run a test step in PractiTest and it fails, you can create a new bug in YouTrack just by pressing Fail and Issue button.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.46.25








You’ll be navigated to YouTrack ->New Issue form with prefilled issue summary with the test name and description filled with the failed test step description:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.50.02

After reporting the issue, please note, that you need to go back to PractiTest and enter this issue ID and press the Link existing issue button. You can enter multiple issues at once by separating them using commas or spaces.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.57.53









The issues are linked to the test step now. Clicking on the issue ID opens the issue in your YouTrack instance.

Follow these instructions to configure this integration, and enjoy using YouTrack and PractiTest together! Please contact PractiTest support team, if you have any questions about the integration.

Good luck with running tests and tracking issues!

The JetBrains YouTrack Team

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Security Vulnerability Patch in YouTrack 6.5.17031

Please welcome a fresh YouTrack 6.5.17031 update. This minor release is very important, because it contains a fix for the recently discovered vulnerability to XML External Entity (XXE) attack. It affects XML-based REST API, such as user import or command intellisense API. This attack may lead to the disclosure of confidential data, denial of service, port scanning from the perspective of the YouTrack host machine. This OWASP article explains the vulnerability in details.

We strongly recommend all our stand-alone customers to upgrade to the latest YouTrack 6.5.17031 build. If you’re using the older YouTrack version, please consider settings the following java start parameters to mitigate the attack:




Please note, that parameter values are intentionally left blank. Please refer to the documentation if unsure how to set them.

All the InCloud servers are already upgraded to the latest build.

For more details about the changes made in this build, please check the Release Notes.

The Drive to Develop

– YouTrack JetBrains Team

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Live webinar: YouTrack + Upsource + TeamCity Come Together

Notice: this post is originally published in the Hub blog. However, the comments are welcome here as well.

If you are using more than one team tool from JetBrains, or planning to start,  you definitely need to  join us Wednesday, February 17th, 15:00 – 16:00 GMT (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST) for our free live webinar with Dmitri Nesteruk.


In this webinar, we are going to demonstrate:

  • How our teamware tools can be connected to a single entry, user and permission management point (Hub).
  • How to manage users, groups and permissions in Hub.
  • How to connect different tools to one another.
  • The benefits that the various directions of integration offer to teams using YouTrack, Upsource and TeamCity together.

Space is limited, please register now.

This webinar is geared towards developers of different proficiency regardless of programming language of choice. During the webinar there will be an opportunity to ask questions. The recording will be available after the webinar.

The Drive to Develop!

YouTrack JetBrains Team

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YouTrack 6.5.17015 Is Out

Welcome a fresh update for YouTrack 6.5 (build 17015). This minor update brings a number of bug fixes in YouTrack and Hub. For more details check the Release Notes.

Download YouTrack 6.5.17015 and upgrade to the latest version today!

If you’re using YouTrack InCloud, your instance will be upgraded on Monday, January 25, according to our Maintenance calendar.

JetBrains YouTrack Team,

The Drive to Develop

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10 Most Wanted Features in YouTrack

Feedback analysis is extremely important and valuable for every product development team, and what better time to do that than the start of a new year? Today I want share with you the 10 most wanted YouTrack features and reveal our product plans for these features for 2016.

The list is based on your votes for feature requests in our issue tracker. By the way, filtering the top wanted features in YouTrack is as easy as running the search query #YouTrack #Feature #Unresolved sort by: votes

  1. JT-13480 — Gantt chart support/109
  2. JT-5129 — Project Overview/93
  3. JT-16657 — Real time update of agile board and backlog/90
  4. JT-17476— Search for issues based on time tracking/84
  5. JT-13376 — Jenkins integration /78
  6. JT-7724 — YouTrack is much better than JIRA. When will Jetbrains make a competitor to Confluence?/74
  7. JT-21112 — Support Markdown syntax/69
  8. JT-6234 — Integration YouTrack with Visual studio, especially with VSTS work items/59
  9. JT-24385 — Integration with Slack/54
  10. JT-16990 — Integrate with (group chat for teams)/53

Is it really what you are missing?
The first question I have for you is: is it really what you are missing in YouTrack? Please leave your comments here or in the corresponding features, describing your use case and explaining why you think it’s really important for you, or alternatively speak out in favor of other features that’s you’re missing more.

What is planned for 2016 from this list

At JetBrains we do listen to our customers, and do our best to combine our product vision with external feedback. YouTrack is not an exception, so here is what’s on our list for 2016 from your top features list.

  • JT-13480 — Gantt chart support (109 votes) is the most wanted feature in YouTrack at the moment. It’s already in progress and will be included in the upcoming version code-named Inception, planned for Spring 2016.
  • JT-16657 — Real time update of agile board and backlog (90 votes) is a part of our new Agile board concept that we will introduce in the upcoming Inception.
  • JT-17476— Search for issues based on time tracking (84 votes) is planned for the upcoming Inception as well. We plan to start working on it in a month or two.
  • JT-21112 — Support Markdown syntax (69 votes) isvery good one and definitely on our list for the version following Inception. We expect to make it available by the end of 2016.
  • JT-24385 — Integration with Slack (54 votes) – Definitely yes, because we use and love Slack! There are several things we want to do here. Some kind of integration, like Integration with Slackbot and sending notifications to Slack channels over Zapier is already available (we’ll cover this integration in more detail in a separate post). However, there are still some activities planned to enhance the integration. Most likely, they will be included in the version following Inception.

What’s not on our roadmap for 2016

The following features are not yet planned for this year for various reasons. For some we don’t feel they’re 100% necessary, and for others we haven’t got a clear vision of how exactly it should work. Of course, you can always help us or change our mind, by voting more actively, commenting your favorite requests, adding more details about your use cases, and sharing your ideas of how you think this feature will improve the product for you.

  •  JT-5129 — Project Overview/93 – We agree that this feature is important, but we         haven’t finalized our vision on the best way to implement it. It might be the part of the Dashboard, Planning board, or something completely different. So the feature is on our list for sure, but it’s not planned and estimated at the moment.
  • JT-13376 — Jenkins integration /78 – Although this request is pretty popular, we don’t have clear plans for it now. As an alternative, we suggest using our TeamCity, which offers a free  version as well.
  • JT-7724 — YouTrack is much better than JIRA. When will Jetbrains make a competitor to Confluence?/74 – This is our favorite request on the YouTrack team. However, it looks more like a request for a new product than just a YouTrack feature, and we don’t have such plans in JetBrains for now.
  • JT-6234 — Integration YouTrack with Visual studio, especially with VSTS work items/59 – Not very clear for us and not planned for now.
  • JT-16990 — Integrate with (group chat for teams)/53 – A good one as well, but not planned yet. It may be implemented in scope of Integration with Slack but no guarantees right now.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of what’s coming in 2016 and are inspired to share your feedback and vote more actively! Your voice does matter to us, so please check the most wanted features list and speak out right now!

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The First Update for YouTrack 6.5 in 2016 Is Out

Please welcome the first update for YouTrack 6.5 (build  17006) in the 2016! This build brings two important bug fixes:

  1. JT-32351 – Custom logo is displayed incorrectly
  2. JT-33192 – Security problem related with changing the language of YouTrack server

For more details, please check the Release Notes.

Download the latest YouTrack build today and enjoy all the fresh goodies.

If you’re using YouTrack InCloud, your instance have already been updated to the latest version before the New Year.

JetBrains YouTrack Team

The Drive to Develop


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